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Profiter c'est bien un mot  Francais, qui signifie en Anglais, ENJOY.

I don't want to be the next Super man or a cartoon Hero, I promise you.

Welcome :) , my name is Pedro, I'm from Portugal, but i'm from everywhere. 

I love people and human relations,  and in my prespective, we need to better understand others , to have a clear idea of what we are. 

The purpose of this Blog is to help me to express myself as an Artist, a writer  and as a man of faith.  

To pass my own vision of things, people, relations, and reflections, to listen, and evaluate people perspectives. You will find stories of people around me, illustrations of that moments, fragments of my own memories, travels around my own world. 

This place is consecrated to Profiter (enjoy), the great life that our Creator gave us.


Probably it might sound abstract to you, but i can tell that it's not. It is the way that ideas/feelings come to life.


Well my english it's not perfect, that's other reason i decided to create this blog. to keep me up to date on my way of thinking in a language that i appreciate so much, you can help me with that. just be plainspoken, and tell me what i wrote wrong. I'll be pleased. 


Profiter life. and profiter my stories. With time, you'll get to know better an Artistic mind.  


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Life's good

I'm an Artist, a creator of images, stories and feelings that in certain way will touch your intelect, and iluminate the interest to know better and understand my way of seeing the things/situations that envolves me. with time, you will better understand a creative mind by exploring my own world.