terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2012

British lady

As I sat in the park for lunch time, I looked to my right and saw this lady, with this colorful handkerchief on the head, readying in a rare day of sun. The contrast and the patterns of their clothing caught my attention, I found interesting capture the moment. here is the result of a British inspiration.

Enquanto estava sentado no parque para a hora do almoco, olhei a minha direita e vi esta senhora, com o lenço  colorido na cabeça, num dia raro de sol a ler. O contraste e os padroes da sua vestimenta chamaram-me a atençao, achei interessante capturar o momento. aqui esta o resultado de inspiraçao britanica.

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DGDornelles disse...

You are an artist man! What park were you at? and what were you eating?

Pedro Duarte disse...

Victoria park in Leicester, a nice british Sandwich with an orange juice...lol.
Thanks DGDornelles.

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